FIFA Forward, FIFA's new focus on football development
FIFA Forward, FIFA's new focus on football development
Monday, June 27, 2016



Following the approval of the new “FIFA “Forawrd” Development Programme Regulations by the FIFA Council on 9 May 2016, member associations are now invited to apply for the additional development programme for the remainder of 2016.

FIFA Forward is a “step change” for global football development and the way we share the success of the FIFA World Cup with our member associations.

It is built on three principles to provide 360 degree, tailor-made support for football development in each of our member associations and the six confederations:

  • more investment,
  • more impact,
  • more oversight.

The aim is to improve the way FIFA develop and support football across the globe, so that the sport can reach its potential in every nation and so that everyone that wants to take part can do so without barriers.


More investment
FIFA are significantly increasing our support for member associations and football development so that the 6 football confederations can do more to develop football in their regions.

FIFA are also providing extra help to member associations that need it, from football equipment and internship programmes so that women’s and youth teams can compete in international competitions.


More impact
FIFA aims to improve the impact and efficiency of our investment in development, achieving better and more sustainable results so that football can thrive everywhere. This means our member associations will:

  • receive comprehensive and intelligent support
  • be focused on growth of global football, such as playing infrastructure, women’s and youth football, and domestic competitions.
  • be encouraged to execute best practice in football administration
  • be rewarded if associations fulfill a range of criteria that we believe are necessary for the sustainable and responsible management of football at national level.

As part of Forward’s annual “running costs” funding per association, member associations can be rewarded if they have/are:

  • Employed a general secretary
  • Employed a technical director
  • Organising a men’s league
  • Organising a women’s league
  • Organising a men’s youth league
  • Organising a women’s youth league
  • Women’s football promotion and development strategy
  • Good governance/integrity programme
  • Grassroots football promotion and development strategy
  • Refereeing promotion and development strategy

At least two of the areas that member associations can focus on for this extra funding must cover women’s football.


More oversight
It is vital that these support are used in the correct way so that they have the maximum impact for football on the ground.

FIFA are introducing enhanced oversight controls to ensure that this increase in football development spending is transparent, carefully managed and effective.

  • One contract of agreed objectives per association, setting the strategy for development over two to four years, approved by the Development Committee.
  • All tailor-made projects must be linked to the contract of agreed objectives
  • FIFA administration to monitor the progress of projects.
  • Independent financial audits of Forward funds for each association.
  • Enhanced Development regulations, including greater powers of oversight and tougher compliance measures.
  • At least 50 percent independent FIFA Development Committee to oversee Forward programme.
  • Publication of independent audits of member associations’ annual finances


Source: NFABD


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