Brunei youth must perform consistently: NFABD official
Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pengiran Haji Mohiddin bin Pengiran Haji Badarudin, General Secretary of NFABD, in a group photo with the teams, coaches and managers. – KHAIRIL HASSAN

THE establishment of the National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) Under-16 Youth League has been placed with greater emphasis as a firm foundation of the country’s youth development.

To this extent, the juniors representing Brunei Darussalam must, particularly the under-16 players, feature as many as games as possible up to 20 to 25 matches or more per season to heighten their efforts of performing at a higher intensity at international level.

With the mental thinking of players relevant in competitive matches, playing football consistently has been considered significant to step up youth development.

“For Brunei and any youth team that matters, you must be playing a lot of games in your own league. That means you must have your own league in your own member association so that the players have the proper playing hours,” said Lim Kim Chon, FIFA Technical Development Officer in an interview during the side-lines of the handing over of FIFA equipment yesterday.

Receiving the FIFA equipment which made up of football kits for players and goalkeepers, football boots, shin guards, bibs, balls and goalkeeper gloves were all the 10 participating teams in the inaugural national youth league.

“If you don’t have the league you don’t expect players to perform at an international level. First of all, the excitement itself before the game or before the tournament will more or less drain you,” the technical development officer said.

The under-16 players are likely to be overwhelmed by the mental component of the game if they do not have the adequate playing hours.

“What I meant drain you is that you feel exhausted because you don’t know Thailand, Laos or the team you are playing and suddenly now you’re playing against them.

“So mentally the players are already drained. Being mentally worried is already draining you in terms of psychologically.

“The boys must be playing 20, 25 or 30 matches the whole season in order for them to perform at the higher level,” he asserted.

Lim acknowledged the Asean Football Federation (AFF) tournaments as the benchmark for the teams.

“If you don’t have the playing hours, don’t expect them to perform. To me, I believe the training that they have would have given them some mileage because holding Thailand 1-0 is an achievement.”

Brunei Darussalam under-16s narrowly lost to Thailand in the AFF Under-16 tournament in Cambodia on Friday.

Lim agreed that the first round of games in the national youth league may have contributed to the respectable defeat against the defending champions.

“If the coach has a different strategy before the game and knowing the strength of Thailand that works well for him, you can defend and you have to defend the whole match.

“If the players are not mentally strong, fit and not physically prepared, the tendency of losing concentration it happens,” he further added.

He cited the importance of keeping level of concentration in extra time with players likely to face a stern test if they never face the same situation.

“They must feel it. The coaches must know the level that they are playing. How are they going to overcome that if they don’t play at that level?

“In training itself, you must have a high level of intensity for youth,” he concluded.

FIFA is committed with the promotion of youth development whereby youth development involves a technical director who draws up technical events and programmes which entails not only games but also coaching, players’ development and coach education.

Brunei is the first in Asia to implement a nationwide youth league with Guam recently pursuing the initiative on July 9.

The guest of honour at the event was Pengiran Haji Mohiddin bin Pengiran Haji Badarudin, General Secretary of NFABD.

Source: Borneo Bulletin


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