SuperMokh Cup -  Match 5
Saturday, December 17, 2016


Tabuan lost to an Iranian team in the classification ranking game due to player‘s inexperience in maintaining the defensive block during the 2nd half when the game went into the break at 0-1 to iran‘s 9min goal. In the 2nd half, Tabuan conceded at the begining 10min (33min, 35min, 43min) to go 0-4 down, although Tabuan‘s Nazry did pull a goal back at the 52min. Game ended with Iran scoring at the 57min to finish at 5-1 to the iranian.

Much work in training will need to be done in the players development process to compete at this level with the west asian players.

Hopefully the playing experience here will help our players accelerate their learning process and to work harder in developing their game.


Source: NFABD


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