FIFA Basic Goalkeeping Course kicks off
Thursday, August 3, 2017



Twenty-eight participants have enrolled in the five-day FIFA Basic Goalkeeping course being conducted by FIFA Instructor Jose Marcelino Z. Carpio.

NFABD Technical Director Yvon Avry and other NFABD officials were among those who attended yesterday’s opening ceremony at NFABD House.

A former national coach for the Philippines since 1997 and a FIFA Instructor since 2005, Carpio stressed the need for more goalkeeper coaches in Asia.

“For this course, my objective is to impart my knowledge to young, aspiring coaches - and we hope they will be able to share this knowledge,” he said.

“Nowadays goalkeepers are so important in the games, but what is lacking is coaches that are coaching the goalkeepers to be better,” he added.

In his speech to the coaches, NFABD Technical Director Yvon Avry mirrored Carpio’s comments.

This is the fourth goalkeeping course that NFABD has organised since 2015, and Avry said this shows the attention NFABD pays to specific training for goalkeepers.

“Despite all the prior courses, the federation still needs to find new goalkeeping coaches, especially for the young players,” he said.

“I am happy that this course is focused on the Under-16 youth leagues. Like on the field, our young players have some deficiencies, and it’s your function, you the coaches, to correct them and to assist them to progress and to understand their mistakes.

“I am sure that this course will give you new knowledge and a better understanding of the goalkeepers’ roles, who are very important in a team.

“Like we say, goalkeepers are the last defenders, and at the same time, the first attackers, and no mistake is permitted.”


Source: NFABD


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