FIFA Instructor advices participants to share their knowledge
Sunday, August 6, 2017



FIFA Instructor Jose Marcelino Z. Carpio advised the 27 participants who completed the five-day FIFA Basic Goalkeeping course to share their knowledge with the next generation of goalkeepers.

“The future of goalkeeping in Brunei relies on these coaches,” said Carpio, a former Philippines national team goalkeeper.

“A lot of children dream of being goalkeepers someday, and for them to reach that dream, these coaches have the responsibility to teach these children what they have learnt in this course.

“This (sharing of knowledge) is especially important as there are so few goalkeeping coaches and it is a position which requires specialised attention,” he added.

During the duration of the course held at NFABD House, the coaches learnt about the different periods of development for goalkeepers, general preparation and physical preparation.

There were also practical sessions on warm up, saves, dives, shot stopping and distribution – among others.

In addition, Carpio and the coaches also observed the DST Super League match between Kota Ranger FC and Jerudong FC at the Balapan Track & Field on Friday night.

NFABD Technical Director Yvon Avry and other NFABD officials were among those who were present at today’s closing ceremony at NFABD House.

Avry presented Carpio with a national jersey as a token of appreciation from NFABD.

The course was the fourth goalkeeping course that NFABD has organised since 2015.


Source: NFABD


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