Bruneian Students will Take Part in the Japan-ASEAN Youth Sports Exchange (Football) under Japan’s Friendship Ties Programs (JENESYS2017)
Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Bruneian students will be visiting Japan in JENESYS2017 as a part of Japan’s Friendship Ties Programs, an exchange program launched by Japanese Government.

JENESYS2017 aims at having those young people go and look at “real Japan” and its cultural, economic or technological features and understand its substantial interest and business needs towards Brunei Darussalam. They are highly encouraged to disseminate their learning and findings in Japan and promote the relationship going forward between the two countries.

Under JENESYS2017, “The Japan-ASEANYouth Sports Exchange (Football)” is going to be held as the composite 4th batch. This program invites promising high school student players (U-16) from ASEAN Member States (AMS) and Timor- Leste (18 Students and 6 Officials/country, x10 countries, 240 in whole as the plan). (Myanmar does not participate because of its busy month in the academic calendar.)

This program will be held from March 6 to 14 in Tokyo and Miyazaki city in Japan. In addition to 10 overseas country teams, U-15 Japanese national team and U-16 Miyazaki Selection team will also join to the exciting exchange matches.

Besides playing Football, they will also have opportunities to make courtesy call to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to watch a professional football game "AFC Champions League", and to visit JFA Museum and National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. At the Reporting session, they will have a presentation about their findings in the program and make an action plan after they return to their home countries. They are encouraged to disseminate Japanese attraction, Japanese sports, society or culture through Social Networking Service (SNS).

Throughout the program, the students will not only come in touch with Japanese cultural/historical features but also learn the importance of future diplomacy through playing Football with Japanese and other ASEAN countries’ students.

The program is designed and provided by ASEC and Japanese Government with great support and cooperation by Japan Football Association (JFA).




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