Reminder for clubs, academies and football stakeholders observe government’s de-escalation Phase 3 towards contact and physical sports
Monday, July 06, 2020


NFABD would like to remind football clubs, academies and other stakeholders to comply with the requirements outlined by the Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam when conducting training activities

As announced recently, the government has now allowed all contact sports but with limitation as follows:

  1. Five (5) persons per training session, regardless of venues for social distancing purposes.
  2. No sparring is allowed, a training regime should only be tailored to individual players per session to the context of
    1. passing the ball between two (2) players are not allowed;
    2. set pieces training are not allowed;
    3. rondo training is not allowed:
    4. small sided game is not allowed; any other method considered as sparring.
  3. No physical exchanges and equipment sharing between participants. Each player should be allocated their own football (for individual use only) and other equipment per session. It is also advisable for labelling system on the ball and other equipment ie. cone markers and drinking bottle

In this regards, clubs, academies and other stakeholders are reminded to sanitise their equipment prior to and after their trainings. They can use disinfectant sprays but more preferable, to wash their equipments thoroughly. Additionally, clubs, academies and other teams are encouraged to tailor their own training regimes that complied with the guidelines issued by the government – which shall be oriented towards conditioning, endurance and fitness among players.

At the same time, NFABD would also like to remind clubs, academies and related stakeholders that friendly matches or massive team trainings are still prohibited.

NFABD will not be responsible to clubs, academies or teams that failed to comply to the directives and guidelines issued by the government.

General Secretariat


Source: NFABD


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