Futsal referees learn latest changes in laws of the game
Friday, September 04, 2020


The National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) recently held an online course to keep futsal referees up to date with the latest changes in the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game.

Entailing changes in the regulation for 2020/2021, the course, amongst all were conducted to ensure that local futsal referees could implement the laws in uniformity with their international counterparts whenever they are required to do so.

The five-day course facilitated by FIFA Instructors Mohammad Rodzali Yacob and Badrul Hisham Kalam was also aimed at readying futsal referees for when NFABD starts its Futsal League in the nearest future.

Since the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19, courses online which were usually hosted via virtual platforms like Zoom has become a norm for most football stakeholders around the world.

NFABD Referee Director Abdul Razak Anuar noted that the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game has undergone many changes for 2020/2021, which need to be immediately adapted by local referees to stay on top of their shape.

Among these changes include the ‘Law 12’, which entailed the various fouls and misconducts players can commit in a game.

“It is important for the referees and their assessors to have the same futsal law fundamentals, understand the concept and interpretations so that their decisions can be uniformed, consistent and readily accepted by the clubs during mathes,” Abdul Razak said.

The referee director said that futsal matches are usually played turbo-charged; there are quick passes, sudden change of possessions and fast counter attacks.

“Thus, futsal referees should be mentally fit, have strong focus for the quick tempo and pattern of play and on top of that, should be capable of making correct decisions,” he said.

On his quick assessment, Abdul Razak noted that local referees and instructors have shown that they have good understanding on the fundamentals, concept of futsal laws as well as the basic skills and knowledge needed to oversee matches.

“Only one thing missing now is how these referees going to implement these in the field of play. I’m looking forward for the league to commence to see how the perform,” he said.

“Perhaps when the league commences, the referees and instructors can be more involved in matches; which will give them the opportunity to be on top of their game as it may allow them to constantly review their performances,” he added.


Source: NFABD


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