Search for National Team begins
Friday, September 11, 2020


The National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) recently held a training camp aimed to assemble the best lineup for a national team.

The camp which was facilitated by a team of coaches lead by Interim Head Coach Muhammad Ali Mustafa enlisted potential players who had experienced playing in the international field and previously made names in domestic leagues.

The five-day training saw these players being taught the various defending tactics against their opponents, besides from fine-tuning their fitness and team play.

The training camp however, will only be the first of the many callups NFABD planned to host, as similar sessions will also be held coming October and November, with some potential for sparring matches.

Players enlisted for this month's callup were:

  • Goalkeepers
    1.  Azman Ilham Haji Md Noor
    2.  Ak Ashraf Pg Haledi
    3.  Lim Jin Yee
  • Defenders
    1.  Sairol Sahari
    2.  Nazhan Zulkifli
    3.  Mohd Khairil Shahme Suhaimi
    4.  Reduan Haji Petra
  • Midfielders
    1.  Mohd Amin Sisa
    2.  Mohd Nur Ikmal Damit
    3.  Muhd Nur Asyraffahmi Norsamri
    4. Naziruddin Haji Ismail
    5.  Aisan Aizuddin Abdullah Aiman
    6.  Muhd Maududi Hilmi
    7.  Muhammad 'Afi Aminuddin
    8.  Mohammad Asri Aspar
    9.  Norfariz Awang Sayang
    10.  Aminuddin Zaqwan Haji Tahir
  • Forward
    1.  Hamizan Aziz Sulaiman
    1.  Muhd Hanif Aiman Haji Adanan

Additionally, NFABD will also be appointing a permanent senior national head coach, whose main task will be ensuring the national team tpass through the group stage in the AFF Suzuki Cup next year.


Source: NFABD


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