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President NFABD

NFABD Ordinary Congress

Saturday 17th October 2015

I wish to thank and express my gratitude, to all Delegates, who still have the faith and elected me, as the President of NFABD for the next Four Year Term, 2015 – 2019. God Willing, with the cooperation and support from all new EXCO, NFABD’s Members and all stakeholders, especially the Government of His Majesty Sultan and Yang Di Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, FIFA, AFC and AFF, I will continue to work hard and bring our football to a greater height.

To the new EXCO, congratulation to all of you, and I hope you will use this as a platform and motivation as way move forward and a productive 4 year ahead.

To Pehin Dato Yusof Abu Bakar, who will finish his term, as Deputy President of NFABD, on behalf of NFABD, I wish to express, my gratitude and thank for his service, and contribution to NFABD, since holding the post, from March 2013. His departure, no doubt, a great lost to NFABD, and I hope the new Deputy President, who will be elected through NFABD Extraordinary Congress, early 2016 next year, has the same quality, and commitment as him. At the meantime, I will appoint, one of the EXCO, to be Acting Deputy President. This appointment will be done in the near future.

To all ex-EXCO, I also wish to express, my appreciation and thank, for the service extended to NFABD.

As you are all aware, at this young age, NFABD has managed to nurture, an excellent relation with FIFA, AFC and AFF. This excellent relation has contributed a lot, in bringing NFABD to what we are now. Apart from receiving, FIFA and AFC Financial Assistance Program, and Administrative Assistance from AFF, NFABD has also received, numerous technical, expertise and equipment, from various FIFA and AFC football developmental programs.

As a result of this excellent relation, FIFA and AFC, continue to support, and of the view, that NFABD has the capacity, and will power, to bring football in this country, to where it should be. In relation to this, AFC has given its trust, for NFABD to host, the AFC U14 Festival 2015 and 2016.

The feedback that we received from AFC, was very positive, and of the view, that the AFC U14 Festival 2015, which we hosted last August, was among the best, that ever organized. By God Will, with this experience, I hope, we could organize a better and much success AFC U14 Festival 2016.

Touching on the FIFA assistance, a Handing Over Ceremony of the new NFABD Astro Turf Football Field, under FIFA Goal Project 2, will be held at the NFABD House, soon after this Congress closed. The overall cost of this FIFA Goal Project 2, is USD$874,483.00, of which USD$500,000.00 contributed by FIFA and the rest, USD$374,483.00 financed by NFABD.

This football field, can be used by our national teams, in various age groups, in our efforts to strengthen their prepared ness, to compete in the regional, and international level. Apart from this, the football field will also be opened, to football enthusiasts, as well as football clubs, in this country, at the appropriate amount of rental charges. We hope, this move, can provide a source of income to NFABD, where money collected, will be channeled accordingly, to the football development program.

Recently, we also received approval from FIFA, stating that FIFA would finance, our proposed NFABD Natural Grass Football Field, under FIFA Challenger Program with the amount of USD$600,000.00. The process of its construction, nearby Astro Turf Field, located at the back side of this NFABD House, will commence very soon.

With regard to the FIFA Goal Project 3, a Grandstand for our Astro Turf Field, the proposal has been submitted to FIFA, and still under consideration. I am confident that FIFA, will give a positive answer, soon after the FIFA EXCO Meeting, on this matter scheduled in March 2016.

In the near future, we are also seeking the assistance, from AFC to construct small football fields, under the AFC President’s Initiative.

In short, in term of football infrastructures, by God Will, whatever included in the NFABD Master Plan, including the Futsal Hall with international standard, will be realized in few years, before 2019, except the Hostel, which is way too expensive. However, we will continue to work hard, and try to get sponsors to realize this. Perhaps this should be listed, as one of the KPI, of the new EXCO.

With FIFA and AFC financial assistance, NFABD also able to create employment, to those who hold appropriate qualifications, to fill some of the posts in NFABD. Investment on this Human Resources Development, is very important, to make sure the continuity, and the survival of NFABD, as the Governing Body of Football.

Talking about the future of NFABD, I am urged to touch on the role of the EXCO. To me, to know and understand well, the role that the EXCO should play, either as an EXCO, or as an EXCO who also hold post, in the NFABD Standing Committee, are very important. Without deeper knowledge, and understanding, it would be very difficult for us, to steer NFABD, to the level of excellence, thus letting our football, continue to fall behind of our neighbors.

In relation to this, FIFA already agreed, to organize a workshop, in January 2016, special for all new NFABD EXCO. This workshop is meant, to furnish the EXCO with the knowledge, and understanding on the matter, thus become a value added, to what they understood this far. This opportunity should be taken seriously, as this is not only for the benefit of individual EXCO, but also to the development of football in this country.

Touching on the football development and achievement, from my observation, we have not reach to the level, that we are hoping for, either by our senior team, U23; U21; U19 and others. This is the same with our futsal.

Pertaining to this matter, it is timely for the EXCO, and relevant Standing Committee, to handle this issue together. If necessary, I have no problem, to form a special committee, to identify all the critical factors, and prepare a comprehensive strategic action plan to address the matter.

One of the critical factor is coaching. We need to produce, more local coaches who are qualified, firmed and full of integrity. Only by having these 3 qualities, that the coach will be respected, not only among the players, but also his peers. This surely, will influence the development of football, especially on the players, and team under his watch.

On this note, at the NFABD Ordinary Congress, which was held last year, 4th February 2014, we have decided that all coaches involved in Premier League, must obtain AFC ‘C’ Certificate, beginning 2014/2015 season, while coaches involved in the Super League, must be an AFC ‘B’ Certificate holder, as from 2016/2017 season. I wish to remind all Super League coaches to take this matter seriously and be able to obtain such certificate before 2016/2017 season started.

Apart from that, I also wish to draw, the attention of all coaches, to the provision, provided by the NFABD Statute, Article 21, Coaches Group, to this date, coaches has not been represented, as the National Coaches Association, has not been established yet. I think, it is timely, to form such association, so that, the interest and development of coaches, can be looked after.

Speaking about the interest of coaches, it is not fair, if I don’t touch on the interest of players. As of coaches, it is imperative for the Players Group, to be established as soon as possible, as per provision in Article 21 of NFABD Statute.

Lastly, i wish to record my sincere gratitude and thanks, to the Government of His Majesty Sultan and Yang Di Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, through Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education, FIFA, AFC, AFF, DST, TELBRU, LOTTO, KPMG and Ridzlan Lim Advocates and Associates, for their continued assistance, and supports to the NFABD. My appreciation also goes to the Radio and Television Brunei, Information Department, The Brunei Times, Borneo Bulletin and Media Permata, for their continued interest in covering the NFABD Football Development Program.

To Mr Mun Si Song, Manager of the AFC Member Associations, and Lt. Gen. Dato’ Azzuddin Ahmad, General Secretary of AFF, thank you for sparing your time and your present, certainly solidify the integrity of this Congress.

Finally, to the officials and staff of the Secretariat of NFABD, headed by the General Secretary, my appreciation and thanks for the dedication and commitment shown, and I hope, all of you will continue to work hard, for the betterment and integrity of this Association.


Thank You.




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